With guidance provided by their Life Group Leader(s) (married couples can partner together in this role), a Life Group (typically 6-12 adults) grows together spiritually in relationship with Jesus and each other.  In  collaboration with their coach, leaders are free to be directed by God towards whatever resources would best facilitate the growth of the group.  Leaders, coaches, and members will also work together to discern how often and how long the group will meet, how the seasons of the year will affect the group, and when the group is open for new people to join.


Oh this is going to be fun!

Each Life Group will be empowered to pursue their passions for how to impact the world around them.   Whether that looks like inviting specific friends who could use a place to find belonging, opening their homes for community dinners, or meeting a specific need in the  community: it’s all good.  Pick up the ball and run with it!


So what happens when a group of people come together to grow and reach out to others?  More people get involved!  However, the way for more involvement seen in the Bible is always through multiplication.  Together leaders, members, and coaches will discern God’s timing for when and how the group should send people out to start new Life Groups.  We do this so that more people can find a safe place to belong and engage in the life and mission of Jesus.


TLR pastoral staff will serve as our first wave of Life Group Coaches.  Their role is to come alongside Life Group Leaders to provide:




As our Life Groups multiply, we look forward to adding to our team of Life Group Coaches.